Members of the collaborative Research Group:

  • Claudia Sumirah Wilopo, Cultural Anthropologist, University of Basel
  • Mohamed Wa Baile, library scientist, Berne
  • Florian Vock, master student in Sociology, University of Freiburg/Br.
  • Sarah Schilliger, Sociologist, IMIS Osnabrück
  • Tino Plümecke, Sociologist, University of Basel
  • Tarek Naguib, legal scientist, ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur
  • Rea Jurcevic, master student in Sociology, University of Berne
  • Ellen Höhne, master student in Migration Studies, IMIS Osnabrück
  • Daniel Egli, master student in Social Geography, University of Berne



Sarah Schilliger:

Tino Plümecke:

Mohamed Wa Baile:,