Police Brutality in Switzerland

This is Switzerland, a white police on a Black person. What happened in Bern this year, is what happened to Wilson A. 12 years ago in Zürich. We are still fighting for our rights in courts. Please, please, and please again, we need as many people on November 22 in Zürich to pressure the court to make sure the police who almost killed Wilson A. to be held accountable. We must not wait until one of us is murdered, Black lives matter! #justice4wilsonnow – An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us


  • Benjamin von Seeger
    November 18, 2021Antworten


    Thomas Büchi did an illegal stop and put my life in danger !!! Took me to the police station and left me at 4 am on a field with no way of communication!!! He drove in a black sedan combi BMW reckless almost killing me !!! The police is supposed to be here to protect and not kill people !!! @nzz will go public with this since my rights as a USA citizen have been violated !!! I was not allowed to a translator or an attorney present !!! they tell You directly our job is too be unfriendly and we can do whatever we want !!! I hope the supervisor and the prosecutor reads this review . They waited for me the guns drawn when I got back to my car and I was not allowed to take my belongings . Amazing that Switzerland has no laws to protect their citizens . !!! I am taking this all over the news from CNN all the way to American embassy …

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