Rosengarten Memorial 2021

Dear all, we will gather again on May 24th at 14:00 in Rosengarten (Alter Aargauerstalden 31B, 3006 Bern) as we did one year ago right after the murder of George Floyd to remember the people who now rest in power.

The colonial project is never finished. During the pandemic the state of terror continued to violate non-white bodies – recently we mourn the Jacarezinho massacre in Brasil where 25 people were murdered, Yanomami communities were invaded by militia, the abuses in Nigeria by SARS, the violent clashes with the authorities in Colombia and attacks by the settler colonial regime on Palestinian people.

In Switzerland the struggle for justice continues for all victims of police violence, Mike Ben Peter, Hervé Mandundu, Lamin Fatty and many others.

We invite Black people, people of color and ant-racist white people in an afternoon of healing, mourning and building power. No justice, no peace. #stopracism


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