Justice for Mike – 31 October


In March 2018, Mike Ben Peter is arrested by 6 policemen near the train station in Lausanne, beaten and held for several minutes in a prone position; he loses consciousness and dies at the CHUV a few hours later.

Two and half years after his death, the legal process has still not started. The police officers, which are pleading for homicide by negligence, are still on duty.

The position taken by the authorities in this case is alarming: they tend to shirk from any responsibility for the violence used by the police. Instead, everything is done to ensure that this violence is maintained and legitimised. Black people are the target of security policies characterised by racial profiling and Mike’s death is the result of it! Dehumanisation, harassment and racist violence must stop. The reign of impunity has lasted long enough.

Let’s Protest for Mike and for all the victimes of police violence!

We ask for:

  1. The immediate suspension of the six policemen involved in the arrest and the death of Mike.
  2. The set-up of an independent body that allows the submission of complaints against police and monitors police practices in Lausanne.
  3. The ban of the “prone restraint” position technique and other dangerous or humiliating practices in Lausanne.
  4. The systematic distribution of receipts for each police check by the police of Lausanne.

Organised by: Collectif Kiboko, Collectif Afrofeministe Amani, Collectif Jean Dutoit, Ligue Panafricaine-UMOJA, Outrage Collectif , SolidaritéS Vaud

Supported by: AEA-UNIL, Collectif Afro-Swiss, A qui le Tour, Allianz gegen Racial Profiling, Asile LGBT, BLM Genève, CRAN, Droit de Rester, Dynamic Wisdom, Faites des vagues, Grève du Climat, Grève Féministe, Jupiter Sound System, Justice pour Nico, Kadoke Doyen, Kam’af, La Molène, L’écho des Banlieues, Ligue Suisse des Droits de l’Homme, Loose Antenna, Lutte des MNA, Maison collective de Malagnou, Moins !, POP Vaud, Radio40, Réflexion Décoloniale, Collectif Saint Martin, Silure, Sleep-in, Tournoi Antiraciste, UPAF, Village Africain de Fribourg


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